P R O D U C T I O N S. 

' Love Me A Poem ' 

For most bereaved indivuals, the journey through grief will ultimately culminate in an acceptable level of adjustment to a life without their loved one. But when love breeds madness.. 

There are significant psychiatric sequelae to the intense experience of  heartbreak. Welcome to the psychotic episodes of a Heartbreak Hotel. 

" Sad birds still sang " 

Choreographer: Robin Kroes - Created : 2023 - Dancers: FHK Danceacademy - Premiere: Nwe Vorst Tilburg 

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'debussy's dream '
In our dream Claude Debussy manifests reincarnation through three different bodies. Like a parasite he urges into their bodies to enter life again. Going through the smallest fibre creates odness and reshaping of the body's reactions and sensations. Creating rhythm and forms. Fighting against it, creates an urgent language and they are finding themself jamming through a physical dance trip.

Debussy's Dream has originally been developed and produced in DANSLOKAAL by Conny Janssen Danst. 

choreography: Remy Tilburg - created: 2022 - dancers : Maud Huizing, Yanaika Holle, Pommelien van Hees - costume design : Bregje van balen - Premiere : 7th october 2022 in HUIS Conny Janssen Danst   - Dutch Tour of 35 performances -  was verder te zien in Volkskrant/Het Parool/De Parade / VPRO een uur cultuur

" Het Paradepubliek laat zich helemaal inpakken door Debussy's Dream - Remy Tilburgs compacte dansstuk is hypnotiserend genoeg om zelfs in de stilste gedeelten het rumour van de Parade te weerstaan " - HET PAROOL


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' beyond the fences '
The desire and need to reach beyond the boundaries of the space in which they find themselves, but also the room in the head. Putting its versatility to the test. Once one takes the step to the other side, under the moonligt the entire atmosphere changes and so do their psychical textures. The possibilities and playfullness are activated and become friends with themselves and eachother. Slowly unprepared impulsive, sensative and instinctive characters. Who create sketches.The quest for freedom has been activated.

choreography : Remy Tilburg - created : 2022 - dancers: AHK danceacademy - premiere : inhouse

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' they never '
two individuals research the sincere connection that never happened but always existed. A certain form that we as humans do not reach but will always be looking for. An intense soul connection sometimes calles 'mirror soul'. It's based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. This is due the mirroring nature of a twin flame; they show you your deepest insecurities, fears and shadows.
*ode to parents who lose their siamese twins.

choreographer : Robin Kroes - co.choreography : pommelien van Hees - created in 2022 - dancers : Robin Kroes & Pommelien van Hees - costume : Bregje van Balen - Premiere : Theater Rotterdam. - invited in France for the Blois Festival.

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' fiftyone/fourty-nine ' 

Fifty-one Fourty-nine forms 100. The number 100 has 3 numbers, 2 equals and a 1. If you put the 1 in the middle, each will have it's own place that stands for 50/50. Although the difference between the numbers fifty-one fourty-nine symbolizes the difference in roots, forms and DNA, they yet have the same weight that equalize the relationship. 

Choreography : Remy Tilburg & Emma Evelein - created : 2021 - dancers: Remy Tilburg & Emma Evelein - Premiere : Theater Rotterdam - RIDCC duet competition finals - won NDT partner award. - Dutch tour including Nederlandse Dansdagen & Moving Futures Festival - Performance in Ulm - Tour in China. 

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